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Dayday Key, Me, 祁天天 am an artist born in Baoshan, Yunnan, China, around 7pm 7-7-1994. 

​I lived in many cities along the way, couple of years here and there. ​Changning, Baoshan, Kunming, Foshan, Detroit, Pasadena, Dali.  

​Sometimes culture shock, sometimes linguistic challenges, but luckily I never got home sick after leaving Baoshan, my home is on my back. 

I don't belong to anywhere or anyone anymore. 

It was quite a one-bedroom apartment where I lived in Detroit with Al, Chas, Mad, and a rescued kitty Alphonse. Alphonse went to war with chainsmoker Mad while Chas had a LED party and Al was constantly trying to meditate. 

It was chaos, places, people and time. They are immovable objects that squash me into different shapes, everyday, every moment. At the end I become mostly fluid.

I learned to meditate, to hypnotize, jump between frequencies, like nothing I can't do but nothing. I see thing into people most people don't. I see things behind things' appearance, into their structures below the softness. Everyone is trying, such sad but also a miracle.






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本科毕业于美国创意设计学院插画系(College for Creative Studies, Illustration, BFA)。研究生毕业于艺术中心设计学院平面设计系(ArtCenter College of Design, Graphic Design, MFA)。在校期间曾担任时任美国平面设计协会主席的肖恩·亚当斯(AIGA, Sean Adams)的助教。从本科开始深受达达和波普艺术的影响,又结合了商业设计的学术背景而逐渐形成了独特的个人风格。其作品在富有娱乐性的同时常具有文学和哲学内涵,时常表达与信息、文化和消费相关的反思和批判。

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