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People on the internet seems to assume artworks or pictures or information of any regard just comes out of nowhere, they just exist.

Unless it's made aware to them deliberately that someone made them or it's assumed stuff just exists like a part of nature. 

The recognition of someone is an important factor in recognizing there is an artist. 

So, I need to make myself visible up front?

(I can already see how this can be abused, wait, ppl are already abusing them anyway, unless for nerds like me, that something so obvious like this is so unintuitive.


I guess different sensory information just enters different regions of the brain, and when a viewer is in a passive receiving mode there just isn't effort put into transferring data between different regions. 

So, multi-sensory seems to be critical for the formation of a substantial impression.


So in the online environment, everything is information then? 

Art, artist, everything. 


On an interesting note, if I'm sitting in public spaces the work I make will be much more conventional, but perhaps of more generalizability, but the total autonomy of creative freedom is not expressible. It just felt wrong to be super strange and in one's own head space in public, even though my poses will be the same - sitting at the computer not saying a word. That has to do with the psyche in some way. 

This also kind of explains, why artists in shared studios tend to create more benign artworks.

Expectations of the public and surroundings are perhaps automatically in functions that could take a psychopath to turn that off.

​So people are super engrossed with the public and perhaps don't even feel that their creative freedom has been taken away because the awareness of the public perception can be so automatic. 
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