Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, a shoe, teeth Mold, a pair of 3D glasses, an iPhone 5s, Ping-Pong balls, newspaper, etc



It is a bird-sight landscape-like piece with intricate details inside that each contributes to a grander narrative. Nowadays, so much of everyday life is conducted on social media, that as if it’s a constant feast of information on all matter, relevant or irrelevant, real or fake. The shoe at the center represents a character, with teeth adhered inside to form a mouth, and cables going into the mouth that connected to the “ground of information”. The shoe is Warrior branded, which is an affordable street brand, although at the front of the shoe sticks a wrinkled Supreme sticker, subtly imply the caricature. 


Many other details lay in the depth of the resin. Together to portrait the ordinary but existentially bizarre of a modern human being.


Note: The piece mostly consists of yellow-resisting epoxy resin, weighing around 70 KG.