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The "Classy af" series of chairs select shopping carts abandoned in South London's immigrant districts. After individual design and modification, they are transformed into usable, wheeled chairs.


More than up-recycling, it is a seat for contemplation.


This is the first piece in the series. The handle part's label is gone, so we replaced it with an aluminum plate with hand-engraved brand name "Classy af". This chair's armrest has been specially designed to be used as an office chair (the front part can partially slide under an office desk).






这是此系列中的第一件,把手部分的牌子没有了,所以我们特别制作了一个铝制牌子,上面手工刻印品牌名“Classy af” (太经典)。此座椅的扶手处进行了特别的设计,使其可以被当做办公椅来使用(前段能够部分插入办公桌下)。

"Classy af" office chair "太经典" 办公椅 No.001

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