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These are mixed mediums works (feat. epoxy resin) made whin in 2020 or so.  

At the time I was reintegrating into modern Chinese life, which fascinates me often.

All the daily experienced,
hyper normalized things we are so used to, 
are actually subtly bizarre
if come to think of them...

Epoxy resin is basically hard plastic but looks like water.

​The majority of these pieces are relatively flat, with a shallow depth of 3-5cm(1-2inch),
which seems like they are paintings rather than sculptures. Although they are mostly not painted, but real objects sealed into the molecular pond to forever become novel representations of the visual and meaning of the objects.

In the presence of the works other than pictures, it's apparent that the visual effect is peculiar in the way of ambiguously riding between flat and 3D, real and virtual. 

Regardless I made them, I still ponder. 

<朋友圈野餐 Network Picnic>



A display and discussion of contemporary lifestyle that involves social media as major means of social interactions. A picnic is no longer only in the literal sense but posted on the net to become a dine of virtual appreciation. 


Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, a shoe,
a pair of 3D glasses, an iPhone 5s,
Ping-Pong balls, etc


<塑料母亲大自然 Mother Plastic Nature>


A pair of breasts, fingers, mouth, nose from a sex doll becomes a portrait of mother nature. In the days of artificial fabrication surpass organic nature to become our main targets of interaction, do artificial fabrication become the new nature?


Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, plastic fingers, 

a pair of breasts from a sex doll, etc


<打扰时间 Disturbed Time>



A dream is violently disturbed by the pace of modern life. Condoms spill out of the clock with vulgar words vaguely written on them. 


Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, baseball bat, clock, condoms, etc


Dayday Key 祁天天 disturbed time wip
Dayday Key 祁天天 disturbed time wip


<回收一条鱼 Recycle a Fish>


A fish-shaped pencil bag has accompanied me for many years, until it was brutally dismantled by paper guns at the end of its life cycle, next to a tomb that belongs to her, where plastic grass grew. The final moment of brutality has seemingly become a part of this flourishing plastic nature. At the bottom right corner, a girl eats sushi and exclaims, “Yum.”


Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, a fish-shaped pencil bag, stickers, paper cut-outs, etc


Dayday Key 祁天天 recycle a fish wip


<妈和爸 Mom and Dad>


​A pair of portraits.

120cm*40cm*3cm *2

Epoxy resin, acrylic paint, teeth mold,
ear molds, TV remote


Dayday Key 祁天天 exploding porkputer detail

<猪电脑爆炸了 Exploding Porkputer>


45cm*45cm*10cmEpoxy resin, acrylic paint,
a pork brain, a motherboard, cables, etc


One of the main components of a porkputer is a pig brain, which here has exploded while being sealed into the frame, maybe due to the amount of information exceeding the pig brain's baring limit. Luckily, the moment is successfully sealed in resin, the exploded pig brain will not experience further decay. 

<Swimmer 游泳的人>


In the haziness of water, comes a swimmer with 50 cents Yuan coins nailed into his hand with dangly red strings, while beneath the surface at the bottom of the haziness, there lay 100 Yuan bills, which can not be noticed by the swimmer. 


Epoxy resin, Hand mold, Nails, Chinese cash, etc