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<Fake person a>

<Fake person b>

Once upon a time, I slept with an escort girl. I can never forget she showed me a video of her being fingered and squirting on a children's slide

Just a fake person.

Hold on, it's a call from my mom.

making a call.png

"I'm good, how are you?"

"I'm busy."



"Until next time, wait, how's the article I asked you to write?"

"Oh, here it is."

having a party nobody knows.png

Fake person B is having a party that nobody knows. On the side of the street of a winding road I walk every day, from a dump to a park.

fake person b gives birth.png

After the party, fake person b was happily raped and gave birth to a slew of babies that you never see on the London streets.

There are electricians, musicians, cleaners, sleepers, and unfortunately programmers too, in those babies. 

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